What can I do for immigrant employees?

Employers can provide their immigrant employees with a good working environment where they can improve their proficiency of the local language language skills.

The brochure ‘Promoting language skills in the workplace – Tips for SMEs’ shows how you can establish German as the working language in your company, or how you can motivate employees to speak German in a simple and correct way.

Sprachförderung am Arbeitsplatz – Tipps für KMU 
(Promoting language skills in the workplace – Tips for SMEs. This document is not available in English)

Obtaining professional qualifications

You can send motivated employees without recognised professional qualifications to industry-specific training courses or support them to catch up on basic professional training. You can also encourage qualified employees to make an appointment at a vocational guidance office to have the diplomas, degrees or educational achievements they have acquired abroad recognised.

Übersicht der kantonalen Berufsberatungsstellen
(Overview of the cantonal vocational guidance offices. Available in German, French, Italian and Romansch)

Berufsabschlüsse für Erwachsene
(Professional qualifications for adults. Available in German, French and Italian)

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