Swiss citizens

Swiss citizens have an unrestricted right to enter Switzerland, regardless of the intended duration of stay. All that is required is to show a valid Swiss passport, temporary passport or ID card.

If the person does not have a travel document, he/she may enter Switzerland if Swiss citizenship can be proven or shown to be plausible. The State Secretariat for Migration SEM recommends in particular that one or more of the following documents also be presented for entry into Switzerland:

  • Photocopy of the valid passport, temporary passport, or ID card,
  • An expired or invalidated Swiss travel document,
  • An official document showing the person’s identity and/or citizenship (e.g. driver’s licence).


European Union

European Free Trade Association

Short stay
90 days in any 180 days period

Third countries
Countries that are not members of the European Union and/or the Schengen Area

Travel document
Swiss passport, temporary passport or ID card


Last modification 22.05.2015

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