Protect yourself!


Protect yourself!
Human trafficking and other forms of abuse

What do we mean?

Malicious individuals seeking to gain advantages exploit the predicament and weaknesses of persons fleeing their home country. These persons, especially women and children, are particularly at risk.

How can you protect yourself?

A few simple precautionary measures can help you:

  • Be wary of overly generous offers of assistance or employment.
  • Never give your travel documents to anyone other than the Swiss authorities.
  • Keep a photo of your identity document on your cell phone and send a copy to a friend and/or family member.
  • Always carry the contact information of trusted persons on you who can help you in Switzerland in case you lose your cell phone or personal belongings.
  • Share your whereabouts and your trips/movements with your friends and/or family.
  • Before getting into a vehicle, take a photo of the license plate and send it to your friends and/or family. Do not get into the vehicle if the driver prohibits you from taking a photo.
  • Leave your accommodation if you do not feel safe there and ask for help immediately (see below).

Where can I get help in Switzerland?

Contact the authorities without hesitation:

  • At the Federal Asylum Centers (BAZ)
    Contact the security or support staff at the BAZ.
  • In case of emergency
    Police: 117
    Ambulance/medical service: 144


Last modification 19.02.2024

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