Transparency Principle in the Federal Administration

General information

Transparency Principles should foster the transparency of the Federal Administration and thus boost public confidence in these state-run institutions. Consequently, any person may request inspection of official documents without having to prove any particular interest in doing so. The authorities may, however, refuse or limit access to official documents if special public or private interests warrant doing so. This might be the case, for example, if access to official documents has a detrimental effect on an official body’s freedom of opinion or the freedom to develop an informed opinion, or if it endangers Switzerland’s internal or external security. Access to information may also be refused or limited if it compromises confidentiality, or business or manufacturing secrets. 

How can I apply for access?

Applications may be submitted to the FDJP by post, e-mail, fax or telephone. Below is a list of appropriate contacts. 

General Secretariat FDJP (GS-FDJP)

The GS-FDJP functions as the general information and co-ordination office for the whole department.

Last modification 14.02.2024

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General Secretariat FDJP
Einsichtsgesuche Öffentlichkeitsgesetz
Federal Palace, West Wing
CH-3003 Berne
T +41 58 462 53 48
F +41 58 462 78 32

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