Piece after piece: getting the big picture

(2. stock süd netthoevel & gaberthüel)

11 August 2022. There is a deafening bang. An ATM has exploded. One of many ATM bombings last year, and it won’t be the last one. The investigators searched for clues in the rubble. They put together the puzzle of this attack piece by piece.

‘The situation determines what has to be done’ and there is not just one type of police situation: ATM bombings; radicalisation; threats against members of the Federal Council; international drug trafficking; messenger service for criminals...

For every situation, various pieces of the puzzle pile up. And who knows, maybe tomorrow it will become clear that the puzzle as it presents itself to us today is only one piece of yet a bigger picture. The new overview of the situation will then determine the mission. Our mission.

Last modification 30.05.2023

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