Netiquette Social Media FDJP

Welcome to our social media channels! It’s great that people are talking about what we post and the topics we address.

We encourage:

  • respectful, open and friendly comments
  • tolerance, even if you think differently
  • constructive and inspiring contributions

We do not accept any texts, images, videos and actions which:

  • are offensive, obscene, pornographic, threatening, discriminatory, racist, sexist, insulting, disparaging of third parties, misleading, unlawful or which incite violence
  • infringe the rights of third parties (including copyright and personality rights)
  • contain direct or indirect advertising for third-party products
  • imply unverifiable insinuations or (personal) suspicions

Please ensure that:

  • you cite the source when providing a quote
  • you respect copyright and personality rights when posting pictures/screenshots
  • for reasons of data protection, you avoid posts containing personal data

We reserve the right to delete content that violates these rules and to expel from the community anyone who posts such content.

Last modification 15.05.2024

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