World Metrology Day recognised by UNESCO

At its 42nd general assembly last november, UNESCO officially recognised World Metrology Day (WMD), which takes place every year on May 20.

WMD is an annual celebration of the signing of the metre convention on 20 May 1875 by representatives of seventeen nations. The convention established the framework for global co-operation in measurement science and its industrial, commercial and social applications. The original aim of the metre convention - worldwide uniformity of measurement - is just as important today as it was in 1875.

This proclamation of WMD as a UNESCO International Day will significantly raise global awareness of the role of metrology in everyday life and enhance the capacity building activities of the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) in developing countries.

METAS' activities and publications on WMD 2024 are in preparation.


Linkedin Post of METAS

Official announcement of the BIPM

Last modification 10.01.2024

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